10 Places to Visit in Spiti Valley That Will Leave You Awestruck

10 Places to Visit in Spiti Valley That Will Leave You Awestruck

March 28,2022

Are you on a hunt for places that can satisfy your wanderlust? There are many such locations in Spiti Valley. Let's learn all one by one!

You may be thinking Spiti Valley is rugged and barren, how is it going to be the best place? Well, Valley’s exceptional beauty can not be undervalued. 

Spiti Valley is the place for those who have the willingness for unexplored, untouched beauty, clear skies, and vibrant culture. Also popular for its cultural heritage,  the cold desert mountain valley in Himachal Pradesh is home to gorgeous lakes, green meadows, snow-laden mountains, spectacular glaciers, teeny hamlets, and numerous monasteries. Apart from all, if you are an adventure enthusiast, this area is a paradise for you offers biking, mountaineering, camping, and trekking opportunities.


In all, one can visit Spiti Valley for a fantastic journey. However, for the most pleasing experience, check out the list of the top 10 places you should include in your Spiti valley packages while traveling to Spiti Valley.


The Best time to travel to Spiti Valley

Before knowing the places, let's first find out the suitable time to visit Spiti valley. Well, that is March to October. Here is the temperature information for each month:

It is 14°c to 20°c between March to June.

It is 13°c to 27°c between July to September

It is -4°c to 20°c between October to February

It is suggested to go for a Spiti valley trip between June and September because at that time you can enjoy the most without worrying about heavy snow and avalanches.

Tabo Monastery : Tabo Monastery is one of the best ancient attractions in the valley,  well-known for its gorgeous paintings. Famous for 9 temples of Tara and Buddha Maitreya and various Stupas, the place is the key attraction of the monastery. Some of the other things worth visiting are stucco sculptures of Bodhisattvas, excellent wall paintings, and creations of Buddha. Avoid using a camera here as Photography is not allowed inside the Gompa premises.

Chandra Taal : Chandra Taal is located near another lovely place Kunzum Pass (mentioned below)  is a crescent-shaped lake. Located at an altitude of 4300 m, the place interprets as a 'lake of the moon'; due to its shape. If you are visiting the valley in June,  this is the place you should never miss.

What makes this place most appealing is its color-changing phenomenon which means the lake's color keeps changing throughout the day, from blue to green to reddish and orange. 

Key Monastery : One of the iconic monasteries in  Spiti Valley that must be on every traveler's itinerary is the Key Monastery. Glaciers and the Himalayas surround this 1000-year-old-monastery. One must go there for an unforgettable experience.

Pin Valley National Park : This Spiti Valley journey would have been incomplete without visiting the Pin Valley National Park. Home to a rich biodiversity of endangered flora and fauna, this most famous high-altitude park with extreme temperatures is a must-visit spot. This quaint national park is spread over an area of 675 square meters and is also a natural habitat for snow leopards, Siberian ibex, and snowcocks. Check out once to enjoy the wilderness amid heavenly surroundings.

Suraj Tal : Are you a photophile and looking for a photogenic place to visit in Lahaul and Spiti? Suraj Tal, the Sun Lake, is the name. This spectacular lake becomes a favorite place for nature lovers, ardent trekkers, and photographers. Located close to Baralacha Pass, this place is at its colorful best during the months of May to October.

Kibber : One place in Spiti Valley that will leave you amazed is Kibber. Surrounded by the Himalayas, this is the world’s highest motorable village. Kibber satisfies all your travel cravings, including camping, mountaineering, sightseeing,  trekking, etc.

Kunzum Pass : Kunzum Pass, also called Kunzum La by locals, is one of the most exquisite places in the valley. Located at an altitude of 4,551m above mean sea level, it is one of the highest motorable mountain passes of India. This place offers an outstanding 360-degree view of a vista of Chandrabhaga Range, Bara- Shigri Glacier (the second longest glacier in the world), and an incredible view of the entire Spiti valley. This amazing view makes Kunzum Pass a photographer's dream.

It is believed that the visitors, on their way to the pass, have to stop at the temple of Goddess Kunzum Devi to pay their respect and seek the blessing to journey safely through the rough terrain. The custom is to take a whole temple circle in your vehicle. 

Tabo Caves : Tabo Caves is might be one of the most captivating Spiti Valley places to see. Here you can find a comprehensive collection of Buddhist scriptures,  murals, manuscripts, frescos, etc. You may find yourself in a different world if you choose to go there!

Spiti River : A visit to the Spiti River can help you capture the true essence of this region’s beauty. This charming lake offers mesmerizing views because of the melting glaciers and is a sight to behold. 

Nako Village : Nako Village, a hidden gem, is ideal for those scrutinizing for a secluded vacation in nature. What makes going here best is, as you walk your way around the town, you may get to visit many famous places. 

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If you also think that places mentioned in the list are worth watching once, then dont stop yourself from going for the tour to the valley. You will also be enjoying the Tibetan culture once you enter the valley. So go for it!